Blockchain Recruitment

Our team of skilled blockchain recruitment specialists will help you attract, engage and hire the talent you need to drive growth in the realm of Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 technology.


We will ensure that you not only attract and engage the top global Crypto, Web3, and Blockchain talent but also find individuals who share your values and mission.


Find out how we scaled Australia’s largest blockchain business: Immutable x The Lab17 – hiring stats, highlights and insight. 

Welcome to The Lab17, your partner in growth.

Understanding Your Organisation

At Lab17, we embed ourselves in your organisation to understand your point of difference.

This means that we can articulate our unique EVP, bring quality candidates to the table, and find a perfect match for both candidates and your business.

Efficient Blockchain Recruitment Services

By leveraging our blockchain recruitment partnership at Lab17, you’ll save time, reduce talent acquisition costs, and optimise your resources.

Ultimately, we will free you to focus on other critical growth areas of your business.

Lab17 has been instrumental in our growth journey. As a scale-up in web3, we have an enormous opportunity ahead of us which means that we have to build and scale much more rapidly than other businesses. Lab17 was a key partner in bringing in world class talent to the most mission critical areas, and they did so with professionalism, dedication and incredible speed. They have also supported a number of people programs that helped us onboard and retain talent across the organisation.
Shirley Anderson Global Head of Success Immutable
Web3 recruiters

Our approach

How it works

  • Your own onsite dedicated account manager
  • Integration with The Lab17 wider team and resources
  • Process refinement, build and delivery
  • One fixed monthly cost
  • View our blog on ‘What to expect in the first 4 weeks.’


  • Ability to recruit across a spectrum of roles, including engineering, marketing, product, sales, finance, and operations
  • Capacity hiring
  • Priority roles
  • Leadership and Executive hiring
Talent Acquisition
Candidate management
Talent function
Org. design
Employer brand
Talent Sourcing
Interview process
Candidate management
  • Candidate experience
  • Candidate qualification
  • Contract negotiation
  • Closing candidates
Talent function
  • Foundation planning
  • ATS setup
  • Referral programs
  • TA processes
  • Upskilling and mentoring
  • Reporting & data analysis
Org. design
  • Role definition
  • Role prioritisation
  • Org chart analysis
  • Salary band guidance
Employer brand
  • EB health check
  • EB promotion
  • Brand representation
  • DEI targets and measurements
Talent Sourcing
  • Talent mapping
  • Market research
  • Candidate engagement
  • Recruitment pipeline
Interview process
  • Interview frameworks
  • Interview training
  • Assessments
  • Feedback framework

Discovery call

Hey, I’m Nick. Let’s connect to unpack your blockchain hiring challenges, and to see if we would be a great for your business. nick@thelab17.com

Case studies

How The Lab17 scaled Australia’s largest blockchain business.

Immutable embarked on their mission to bring asset ownership and commerce alive in digital worlds through the power of immutable NFTs.