Easy Agile

How The Lab17 accelerated hiring priorities and levelled up talent capabilities at Easy Agile


Easy Agile is an Australian based SaaS company, building products which integrate with Atlassian’s flagship product, Jira and help users all over the world not only do agile ceremonies, but be agile in everything they do.

SaaS – Bootstrapped & profitable – Australia

Total Hires


0 1 Recruitment across a number of functions - engineering, product, finance and design
0 2 Recruitment range from mid level to heads of roles

14 hires, spread across c-suite, engineering, product, design and finance

0 3 Senior leadership team hiring:
  • Head of Product
  • Head of Engineering
  • Head of Finance
0 4 Diversity hires:
  • Female Head of Engineering
  • Female Head of Finance
  • Female Senior SWE
  • Female Visual Designer
  • Female Mid Level SWE
0 5 Interview training - upskilled team members to become great interviewers
0 6 Increasing representation of diverse engineers within the team


Easy Agile had been slowly growing their team without a TA Specialist. They reached a point where they needed to speed up their hiring.


The founders were looking for a recruitment partner that could take them on a journey – improving their confidence and skills with hiring, while also introducing them to new team members that had much deeper capabilities and experience than the existing team.

Two of their leaders had previously worked with the Lab17 in other companies and saw great results, delivered quickly. They deliberated hiring internally versus bringing on the Lab17, but opted for a Lab17 partnership as they were bringing in a small team of experts, rather than one person.


Designed an end-to-end hiring guide - from how to run a job briefing session to making an offer
Carried out 5 sessions of interview training across the business
Built and iterated on engineering live coding challenges to create objective criteria and capabilities to mark against, which separated and identified between engineering levels
Held retrospectives on interview processes that hadn’t been effective
Introduction of diversity data into ATS - ie asking applicants for their preferred pronouns
HRIS system research, fit and implementation

As founders we were looking for a recruitment partner that could take us on a journey – improving our confidence and skills with hiring, while also introducing us to new team members that had much deeper capabilities and experience than ourselves. Cloë, Jess, and the Lab17 team have excelled. They have trained all of our people leaders on hiring practices and techniques, ensured we met our diversity objectives, managed our time and energy levels through the recruitment journey on different roles, and have basically just been fun to work with. Can’t recommend them higher. Thanks team.

Nick Muldoon Co founder and co CEO- Easy Agile Easy Agile
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