Empowering Humanforce for Growth

How The Lab17 increased hiring capacity and built workforce giant Humanforce's talent function – fast .


Humanforce provides the market leading, employee-centred, intelligent and compliant HCM suite for frontline and flexible workforces.

Total Hires


0 1 18 hires in 4.5 months

In Australia and in the UK

0 2 Leadership Hires
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Head of Product
0 3 Hired across all functions and departments
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • GTM
  • Creative
  • Customer service
0 4 Delivered Interview Training


Following three strategic acquisitions, Humanforce sought to improve its hiring strategies and Talent Acquisition approach for 2024 and beyond by partnering with the Lab17. The Lab17 team steered ‘Project Falcon’, an initiative focused on enhancing engineering hiring. The team also delivered hires across customer-facing roles, and positions in sales, finance, and operations teams such as Senior Project Managers, Implementation Consultants, and Customer Delivery Consultants – as well as Leadership hires such as the Chief Customer Officer, which significantly contributed to Humanforce’s growth strategy.

The challenge

The Lab17 were tasked with hiring across multiple teams to support the business in achieving its growth goals, whilst also reducing reliance on expensive recruitment agencies.

The Lab17 hired across:

  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Operations
  • GTM
  • Creative
  • Customer service
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • People and Culture


Chief People Officer for Humanforce, Holly Barnes told us why they chose to partner with Lab17:

Holly said that, prior to the acquisition of the new businesses, Humanforce didn’t have a strong focus on HR or talent acquisition.

“Bringing 3 businesses together is very complex,” Holly told us. “We had a lot of BAU (business as usual) activity from the acquisitions, plus our general, organic growth.

Humanforce needed help from the right partner to rapidly fill the key positions all this growth created.

“We’re in a scale-up phase. It’s a very growth-driven time for us that needs particular focus,” Holly reflects.

“Outsourcing and partnering with Lab17 helped us manage the influx of roles. It also created the capacity to move from reactive talent acquisition to a more proactive space.”

For Humanforce it was about finding a talent acquisition partner that could achieve success in two key areas:

  1. Short term: Driving the rapid recruitment process and filling open roles

  2. Long term: Building good talent acquisition systems for the future.


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Partnering with The Lab17 has been a really positive experience. They filled our roles in budget and in time, and we were able to spin up new teams really quickly. We’ve now got really solid processes in place and have been able to do a lot more work in terms of proactive recruitment and talent pipelining, as well as reporting – we’ve seen a real shift in hiring manager capability as well. I appreciate how flexible The Lab17 are –  working really closely together, tweaking processes and ways of working to achieve the outcomes we needed – fast.

Holly Barnes Chief People Officer - Humanforce Humanforce
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