How Lyka tripled their team in 12 months and saved $300K+ in recruitment fees

The Lab17 has transformed Lyka’s hiring journey, helping them efficiently and cost-effectively expand their team to capitalise on a booming pet industry.


Lyka is extending pets health span through proactive, holistic, individualised care. Their first brand, Lyka, delivers fresh, human-grade meals as a subscription service to dogs across Australia.

Consumer goods / Pet Wellness – Series B – Sydney and Melbourne

Total Hires


0 1 31 hires across
  • Software Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Service Design
  • Product Design
  • Marketing
0 2 Significant growth and scale in their talent acquisition (TA) capability across the entire business
0 3 Challenged existing processes and identified ways to improve the talent function operationally
0 4 Created a clear, scalable job brief process to ensure efficient processes and faster hiring
0 5 Revamped JD templates to reposition Lyka's brand in the market for candidates
0 6 Introduced Interview Training Foundations to support existing and new hiring managers on best practice interviewing, bias training, and existing processes
0 7 Saved Lyka $300,000+ in fees vs traditional recruiters over this period

The partnership

Lyka encountered a formidable task: hiring skilled professionals in various fields such as Product, Engineering, Design, Marketing, People, Strategy, and Manufacturing. The challenge was further amplified by a limited talent infrastructure and the support of just one internal Talent Partner/People Operations Associate.

What we delivered

Enter, The Lab17! We hit the ground running to achieve Lyka’s hiring goals. This started with filling 10 crucial vacancies, including a long-vacant Head of Engineering position.

By Q1 of 2023, the partnership had exceeded its target by filling more positions than initially anticipated, including out-of-scope roles. The Lab17 also provided Interview Training to the Lyka team, and the partnership facilitated the growth of Lyka’s B2B arm, which works on initiatives to support existing customers and acquire new ones.

Read the full case study here.


Total hires

31 positions filled within nine months

Leadership hires
  • Head of Engineering
  • Principal DevOps Engineer
  • Lead Product Manager
Gender diverse hires
  • Woman Principal Engineer
  • 2x Women Senior Service Designers
  • Woman Senior Product Manager
Successfully hired a Head of Engineering
Implemented Interview Training Foundations across the business
Developed a comprehensive Talent Playbook for hiring managers, including a step-by-step approach to hiring and a job brief template
Revamped JD templates with new, improved wording

Lab17 joined us at a pivotal moment when we had to double our office team in 2 quarters. Claudia joined and worked with us as a core pack member, blending seamlessly with our team. Aside from recruiting, Lab17 also worked with our People team to improve processes, build capability and embed best practices within Lyka.

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