Embedded Recruitment Partnerships

The Lab17 embedded recruitment partnerships increase hiring volume and speed, helping you to scale quickly and sustainably.


Our high-performance, ready-to-go team will step in to save you time and money with unlimited hiring across all functions for one flat monthly fee. 


Because The Lab17’s expertise spans engineering, finance – and everything in between – you don’t need to rely on a legion of in-house TAs.

Welcome to The Lab17, your partner in growth.

The Lab17 team embeds itself into your organisation so we can truly understand your way of doing things. This model – along with our extensive industry insights – means we can easily share knowledge across your teams, offer market insights and upskill your employees.

The Lab17 carries the load, allowing you to concentrate on other growth-critical areas while saving time and money on TA hires.

As founders we were looking for a recruitment partner that could take us on a journey – improving our confidence and skills with hiring, while also introducing us to new team members that had much deeper capabilities and experience than ourselves. The Lab17 team has excelled. They’ve trained all of our people leaders on hiring practices and techniques, ensured we met our diversity objectives, managed our time and energy levels through the recruitment journey on different roles, and have basically just been fun to work with. Can’t recommend them higher. Thanks team.
Nick Muldoon Co founder and Co-CEO Easy Agile

Our approach

The Lab17 has well-tuned processes and the capacity to give a world-class candidate experience to every applicant – every time. Our partnerships are designed to strengthen your internal hiring capabilities – saving you time, money and valuable resources.

How it works


  • Ability to recruit across a spectrum of roles, including engineering, marketing, product, sales, finance, and operations
  • Capacity hiring
  • Priority roles
  • Leadership and executive hiring
Talent Acquisition
Candidate management
Talent function
Org. design
Employer brand
Talent Sourcing
Interview process
Candidate management
  • Candidate experience
  • Candidate qualification
  • Contract negotiation
  • Closing candidates
Talent function
  • Foundation & planning
  • ATS setup
  • Referral programs
  • TA processes
  • Upskilling & Mentoring
  • Reporting & data analysis
Org. design
  • Role definition
  • Role prioritisation
  • Org chart analysis
  • Salary band guidance
Employer brand
  • EB health check
  • EB promotion
  • Brand representation
  • Diversity & inclusion
Talent Sourcing
  • Talent mapping
  • Market research
  • Candidate engagement
  • Recruitment pipeline
Interview process
  • Interview frameworks
  • Interview training
  • Assessments
  • Feedback framework

Discovery call

Hey, I’m Nick. Let’s connect so I can unravel your hiring challenges and see if we would be a great fit for your business.


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