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Leadership and Executive Hiring

You simply can’t afford to make a bad leadership hire. Engagement, productivity, team morale – it’s an unstoppable downward spiral when the wrong person is in the wrong role. Not to mention the financial burn. 

Avoid costly hiring mistakes

Luckily, the Lab17 is here to help you avoid costly hiring mistakes, and to find you leaders who scale, innovate and drive progress. 

The Lab17 hired home lending challenger brand Athena’s new chief marketing officer Sarah Sproule in April 2023. “We are delighted that Sarah is bringing her magic to Athena as our new chief marketing officer. Since our launch in 2019, Athena has been on a journey of building a killer brand on a mission to help Aussies pay down their home loan faster. The brilliant Natalie Dinsdale built a wickedly talented marketing team that is obsessed with changing home loans for good. Sarah is ideally positioned to lead the next phase of Athena’s brand journey, with her deep category knowledge, challenger brand focus and entrepreneurial mindset. We couldn’t be more excited!” Nathan Walsh, CEO, Athena.
Sarah Sproule

Our approach

We work in house with you, so we know your culture, your team, and most importantly your needs. And we’re able to tell your story, because we’re part of it. We will save you months of work, a considerable amount of money, and find you the right person to help lead your business.

Why choose us?

  • We offer a humanness which is often overlooked in recruitment
  • Our candidate experience is second to none
  • We’re guided by our process, analysis and best practice
  • Our team are experts in defining and assessing leadership qualities

Recent hires

  • Chief Marketing Officer – FinTech
  • Head of Engineering – Pet Tech
  • Head of Engineering – Ai / EdTech / HealthTech
  • Director of Partnerships – SaaS
  • Director of Customer Success – SaaS
  • Head of Broker Distribution – FinTech
Leadership Hiring
Requirement definition
Delineation of attributes
Assessment & Evaluation
Candidate selection
Requirement definition

Develop a shared understanding of expectations

Delineation of attributes

Defining the attributes, qualifications and experience


Building a strong candidate pool and pipeline

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessing the candidates against the defined attributes and qualifications

Candidate selection

Using objective process and metrics to determine the best candidate


Ensuring your new leader integrates seamlessly into your business and has an impact from day one

Discovery call

Hey, I’m Cloë. I look after Leadership Hiring at The Lab17. If you think that we may be the right fit to find your next leader, then I’m here to get the wheels in motion.


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