How Lyka tripled their team in 12 months and saved $300K+ in recruitment fees

The Lab17 has transformed Lyka's hiring journey, helping them to efficiently and cost-effectively expand their team to capitalise on the booming pet industry.

During the pandemic, countless people welcomed a pooch into their homes. 

In fact, dog ownership rose 25% between 2019 and 2022*.


This fondness for our furry friends (or ‘puppers’, as the Lyka team calls them) means giving them the best life possible. 


And quality of life starts with premium, human-grade food offered by companies such as Lyka.


As part of such a booming industry, it’s no surprise Lyka needed to drive rapid growth following a successful Series B raise in September 2022. 

And that’s what they did. 

In just 12 months, the company tripled their non-manufacturing employee base. This included recruiting 31 hires across areas including software engineering, service design and marketing in just 1 quarter!

Sound quick? It was.


That’s why Gabriel Guedes (aka GG), Lyka’s COO and CFO, turned to The Lab17 for support. He knew his busy team needed to swiftly scale up – while also establishing solid processes that would stand the test of time


Here’s how GG, together with his team and The Lab 17’s Claudia Giugovaz, did it. 


New chapter, new goals

In the wake of Lyka’s Series B funding, the pressure was on to meet new, ambitious business goals. Getting the right people on board – as quickly as possible – was crucial.


But, says GG, it wasn’t long before Lyka was getting behind on their hiring – and therefore putting their objectives in peril. 


‘We had to deploy promptly across different parts of the business to achieve our goals,’ he recalls. ‘[Before long], we realised we were getting behind on our hiring pace. We knew if we continued like that, we wouldn’t be able to fill all those roles in time.’


Fast growth calls for the right resources

With only 1 TA expert inside Lyka, the hiring challenges following their capital raise were immense. GG says it was unreasonable to put that pressure on his team.


‘We didn’t have the internal capabilities to grow as fast as we needed to’ he explains. ‘Nor did we have the time to hire that capability in-house and develop it.


The Lab17 helped us accelerate this ramp up – not only by having the right people, but also the right processes. In a way, it enabled us to ‘plug and play’ and seamlessly kick off our accelerated hiring.’


More than understanding talent

GG says although he had hiring experience under his belt, this new pace of recruiting was next-level. 


By bringing in The Lab17, Lyka immediately saw how the right processes from Day 1 can impact a company’s ability to make top-notch hires


‘I’ve had experience with hiring before Lyka and have also read a lot about the topic, so theoretically everything makes sense,’ he tells us. ‘But it’s good to see the conceptualisation of how a great TA process works. 


‘And seeing the execution, seeing the formalisation of our processes – like the training we did not have before – and how we use our tools and integrations is really satisfying. All these things I knew were possible, so it’s incredible to see them well executed.’


Looking back to September 2022, GG says it made complete sense to partner with The Lab17.


‘If we’d had to solve this by ourselves, I would probably have had to hire a talent team 3 months before the Series B raise even started,’ he explains. ‘I would have had to get the right people on board, put the processes in place, do the training, get the right tools and then deploy.’


Firm foundations for growth

GG says now having those processes ingrained across the organisation means Lyka is poised for further expansion.


We’ve just brought in another TA, and they’ve hit the ground running,’ he remarks. ’Not only do we have the right processes, but I think the hiring managers are more experienced.


‘We’ve gone on a journey where people know how to work with TA – and where we’re hiring not as a function but as a company.


‘The Lab17 is a big part of how we got here,’ GG concludes. ‘I think we’ve matured a lot over the past year and learned a lot.’


Writing your own scaling-up story

Want to accelerate your hiring? Get in touch with Claudia Giugovaz to chat about your needs. 


The results speak for themselves

Since 2022, The Lab17 has supported Lyka to:

> Recruit 31 employees across software engineering, product management, service design, product design + marketing

> Create rapid growth + scale in TA capability across the business

> Challenge existing processes to improve TA function

> Design a clear, scalable job brief process to ensure efficiency + speed in hiring

> Revamp JD templates to reposition Lyka’s employer brand

> Introduce Interview Training Foundations to support hiring managers improve their skills

> Save Lyka $300K+ in recruiting fees.

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